Get into the water.

Snorkelling is an activity for the whole family, with no age restrictions. Our trips are great for observing the wonderful underwater world

Snorkelling is an activity for the whole family, without any age restrictions.

Our snorkelling trips take place along the beautiful coastline of Paphos at Coral Bay and the Sea Caves of Pegeia. 

Cyprus being a volcanic island the bottom topography is spectacular, with awesome rock formations that are easily visible in shallow water.

Because Cyprus has a large variety of marine life, our snorkelling trips are great to observe interesting this as well as the natural habitats where they live.

We are offering various snorkelling trips consisting of one, two or three different sites.

Snorkelling on one site takes about 2.5 hours from arrival until completion and two snorkelling sites will take about half a day. For three sites we are out from about 9am until 3pm and offer a snack lunch.

All required equipment is provided, including masks, snorkels, fins, wetsuits and if requested snorkelling vests.