Day Trip to Jubilee Shoals

Jubilee shoals
Jubilee Shoals


This is a fantastic dive just off the coast of Pissouri Bay.

We leave Coral bay Divers at 07:30 and after a 40 minute car journey we will arrive at Pissouri Bay. There we will be going on board a boat and after a ten minute boat ride we will arrive at the dive site.

The dives will take you to the beautiful caves at around 36 metres and offer a spectacular scene of three pinnacles

The second dive is also in the same area after a relaxing surface interval, where you will eat some snacks on the boat.

Dive Level

This dive is only suitable for the experienced divers with a dive depth of up to 40 metres.

Non-divers are welcome and can take the opportunity to go snorkelling and have a look what is going on down there.

(For all day trips minimum participant numbers apply)