Day Trip to the Limassol Wrecks

Lady Thetis
Limassol Wrecks


Limassol Wrecks – the Costandis and Lady Thetis

This day trip takes you to Limassol where you will be doing two dives on two different wrecks.

Both wrecks were purposely sunk in 2014 to create an artificial reef. The wrecks rest in a protected area where fishing is prohibited and this created a marine life rich environment and the wrecks have been home to various marine species ever since, including breams, nudi branch, groupers and much more.

The “Costandis” is a Russian fishing trawler that is 24 metres long and rests upright in 23 metres of water. Being properly cleaned and prepared before sinking, this wreck can easily be penetrated in various places.

The “Lady Thetis” is a German built passenger vessel and rests upright at a depth of 18 metres and is about 30 metres long. All decks can be dived, and there are the remains of the tables on the top deck. Similar marine life exits like on the “Costandis” 

Dive Level

A great day out with two good dives, for all levels of diving certifications.

Both wrecks are a perfect introduction to wreck diving and limited wreck penetration.