Fully equipped and we even have coffee and somewhere to sit and relax

Here at Coral Bay Divers we want to make sure that you always feel comfortable and have a good time both in and out of the water. Our large outdoor seating area is ideal for filling in logbooks, chatting, relaxing after a dive or for planning your next one whilst enjoying refreshments on the house! Should you feel the need to refuel, there are a good few places within walking distance from our shop to grab something to eat.

Want to keep in touch with those who are far or those who got left behind? Want to check your e-mails? Want to upload on to your Social Media or send out all those lovely photos from your diving adventure? Want to do all that whilst enjoying your refreshments? Well, we throw in Wi-Fi for FREE! Just bring in your laptop or handheld device and connect.

Our Retail Shop

At Coral Bay Divers we have a well-stocked retail shop. We stock a variety of diving and snorkelling equipment from fins, masks and snorkels to regulators, diving computers, BCDs and wetsuits as well as many accessories.

As an authorised MARES Dealer, Coral Bay Divers can service all MARES diving equipment. We also service Scubapro, APEKS, Poseidon, Aqualung and many more.

For any diving equipment requiring servicing, Coral Bay Divers is the place to go and in case you don’t see what you are looking for, just ask! You might be surprised on what we can arrange and organise!

Coral Bay Divers Shop 1

Tank Fills & Service

At Coral Bay Divers you can have your scuba tanks filled any time of the day, even while-u-wait!!!

We also offer Enriched Air Blending (Nitrox) facilities and we can fill your tanks to the requested blend.

No guesswork, just the right blend!

Relax With Us

At Coral Bay Divers you will find the ideal place for diving and snorkelling activities and relaxation. This is just a fantastic opportunity to explore the adventures the Mediterranean has to offer to snorkelers and divers.

And when you have finished relax inside or out and have a cup of coffee (or tea) with us.