About Coral Bay Divers

We don't say that we're the best - you do!

Coral Bay Divers is the ONLY PADI Career Development Centre in Cyprus, with the most outstanding facilities and professional, enthusiastic and fun loving divemasters and instructors. You can be confident that you will be well looked after as we show you the beautiful and crystal-clear Mediterranean Sea.

Come and join us for a lifetime of adventures – whether it’s for the first or the thousandth time.

On holiday and wanting to try Scuba Diving? Then why not join us on the Discover Scuba Diving programme and enjoy the awesome experience of breathing underwater!

For those seeking a career in diving, Coral Bay Divers and its award-winning Course Director, Jurg Dahler, are your best choice to reach your potential and goals in becoming a PADI Professional.

Coral Bay Divers offers Technical Diver Training and, for the seasoned tech diver, technical dives to the world-famous wreck of the Zenobia, Jubilee Shoals and Saint Georges Island in Latchi.

We know you’ll have a fantastic experience and enjoy yourself tremendously.

Come on, you know you want to!!!

jurg dahler

Jurg Dahler - PADI Course Director

Jurg is an award winning PADI Course Director and has been teaching diving since 1994.

26 years full time in the diving industry, travelling to many different countries, teaching diving to the world, Jurg says that he has the best job in the world.

If you love your job, you never go to work

Amongst other things, Jurg is a;

  • PADI Course Director
  • Tec Instructor Trainer
  • Emergency First Response Instructor Trainer
  • First Aid at Work (GB&NI) Instructor Trainer
About Coral Bay Divers

Ryan Cummisky - Instructor​

Ryan is a very experienced PADI Master Instructor and has been working for several years in the diving industry.

With his calm and thorough approach he teaches diving at all levels and abilities.

His extensive knowledge of the local dive sites makes him one of the best dive guides you could have – showing you around the crystal-clear Eastern Mediterranean and making your dives very memorable.

  • PADI Master Instructor
  • Specialty Instructor
  • EFR Instructor

Cyprus - The birthplace of Aphrodite

Cyprus is located in the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea and sits at the crossroads between Europe, Asia and Africa. Cyprus is one of the most interesting islands of the region with a rich and varied cultural history that has been shaped by the various rulers of the country over its history – ancient Greeks, Egyptians, Romans, The Crusaders, Byzantines, Ottomans and more have all left their legacy within its history.

Today, Cyprus is a very popular tourist destination for visitors from all over the world that offers a wealth of options for vacationers throughout the year. Whether it’s sun and relaxation that you want, a vibrant nightlife, driving in the mountains, exploring the abundance of archaeological sites or dipping into the crystal clear waters for some scuba diving (hint hint), Cyprus has it all.

The sites below have more information on Cyprus and the Pafos region.