Beginner Courses

Discover the wonderful world of scuba diving

Beginner Courses

Setting off on your first steps as a beginner courses is easy and Coral Bay Divers has you covered.

Starting with Snorkelling you can explore the underwater world of Cyprus without any training or special equipment and we even offer trips to various areas rich with underwater life for you to see.

For our younger friends (8-10 year old) we offer the Bubblemaker Programme where they will learn to dive with all the equipment.

For the over 10’s and adults, you can do the Discover Scuba Diving and experience what scuba diving is really about.

PADI Diving Course in Cyprus, Paphos, Coral Bay
Beginner Courses

LEARN TO DIVE After your introduction, then it’s time to learn how to really dive Diving is exploring the underwater world, from historic shipwrecks, to pristine coral reefs, volcanic islands, freshwater lakes, rivers or a local quarry. Becoming a diver is an opportunity for endless adventures and discoveries.

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