PADI Delayed Surface Marker Buoy (DSMB) Diver

Many divers wouldn’t think of diving without carrying a delayed surface marker buoy (DSMB) and in some locations it’s considered required safety equipment.
Knowing how to properly deploy and manage a DSMB are valuable skills learned in this course.

What It's All About

Boats and currents are two common factors associated with many dive sites. Skippers and boats do not always recognise that divers are in the area and currents can carry you further than expected. Launching a delayed surface marker buoy (DSMB) before you surface can alert others to your location in advance of your ascent. Adding another layer of safety, you can also use the DSMB line to complete your safety stop, which is advantageous in a current or when there are no other visual references.  

The PADI Delayed Surface Marker Buoy (DSMB) Diver course teaches you about

  • Preparing and stowing your DSMB and reel
  • Differences between a DSMB and an SMB
  • Use of different DSMBs
  • Deploying the DSMB from a stationary position and from mid-water
  • Swimming while towing a DSMB and managing the reel and line
  • Making a safety stop using the DSMB line
  • All required equipment is supplied
  • This course includes two open water dives


  • Must be at least 12 years old
  • Must have completed the PADI (Junior) Open Water Diver certification, or have an equivalent certification from another training agency
  • Spend a minimum of two days training

Getting Started

Contact us to arrange your PADI Delayed Surface Marker Buoy (DSMB) Diver Course here at Coral Bay Divers and we’ll sign you up