PADI Multilevel Diver

Extend your underwater time, learn what multilevel diving is and how to calculate for multilevel dives.
Plan and execute a two-level and three-level scuba dive using a dive computer.

What It's All About

In the old days, dive profiles were calculated from the surface down to a maximum depth, then back to the surface. Now, dive computers continually analyse your depth – giving you more bottom time for going shallower and allowing you to maximise your dive time.

  • Learn how to use a dive computer
  • Understand the differences between available dive computers
  • Learn how to plan your dive by using a dive computer
  • Enjoy more dive time by using a dive computer during your dives
  • All required equipment is supplied
  • Take part in two open water dives


  • Must be at least 12 years old
  • Must have completed the PADI (Junior) Open Water Diver certification, or have an equivalent certification from another training agency
  • Spend a minimum of two days training

Getting Started

Contact us to arrange your PADI Multilevel Diver Course here at Coral Bay Divers and we’ll sign you up